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Hurricane Harvey: Where you can donate

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We put together a list of organizations that are actively helping with disaster relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey if you are unsure of where to donate. The list below is in no particular order and we will be adding more to this list as we sift through the numerous organizations involved with relief efforts.

ALL HANDS: Has Volunteers’ Response team on the ground in Texas ready to mobilize in the most affected areas.
Donate here (Rated 4/4 on Charity Navigator)

HOUSTON FOOD BANK: Provides meals to displaced families and individuals. Every $1 you give helps provide 3 meals.
Donate here (Rated 4/4 on Charity Navigator)

CONVOY OF HOPE: The team is operating their distribution site from a 9,000-square-foot tent in Victoria, Texas, and will set up a drive-through point of distribution today. The focus right now is on distributing food, water and hygiene items, as tens of thousands of people are without power and water, and could be for several days.
Donate here (Rated 4/4 on Charity Navigator)

AMERICARES: Help provide emergency medicine and supplies to people caught in Hurricane Harvey’s devastating path. First-responders, families, the elderly and injured are all in desperate need of aid, medicine and basic supplies.
Donate here (Rated 4/4 on Charity Navigator)

GREATER HOUSTON COMMUNITY FUND: A relief fund established by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner.
Donate here

THE TEXAS DIAPER BANK: The Texas Diaper Bank is collecting donations to help keep babies healthy, happy, and take one less bit of stress off mom and dad in the center of the chaos.
Donate here

COALITION FOR THE HOMELESS: Hurricanes are especially difficult for the homeless, who already struggle to find food and shelter without the devastation and danger of a natural disaster. The Houston Coalition for the Homeless is providing safe shelter for those in need.
Donate here

AIRBNB: Airbnb is connecting people in need of a place to stay with people offering available spaces free of charge.
Learn more here.

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