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It’s A Wonderful Life

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I had a “It’s a wonderful life” moment this morning. For me it’s always the little things that become the biggest lessons.

I have always heard and have said from time to time, “if only we could go back to when we were kids, life was so simple then”. I have now decided that I wouldn’t go back, even if I could. It has nothing to do with my childhood because I had a really good childhood thanks to my wonderful parents. It has everything to do with who I am today.

On the positive side, going back in time would mean that you get a chance to do it all over again. As appealing as that may sound it also means that you throw away everything you worked towards having mentally, emotionally and physically. That is the exact reason I know I wouldn’t go back in time if given the chance. My journey in life has been a roller coaster, same as anyone else. The good and the not so good have shaped who I am today. I understand that the decisions that my present self makes directly affects my future self. My daily routine includes working on being a better me not only for myself but for my family and loved ones. I understand that who you are and the energy you put out has an affect on everyone around you.

What happened this morning was simple but it opened a window of clarity. My three year old daughter spent the night at my Mom’s house. Everything at home went as it normally does with the exception that my daughter wasn’t home. I woke up to get ready for work as I normally do and not seeing my daughter in her bed made me do a double take. I’ve become used to seeing her when I wake up that I had for second wondered where she was. After taking a shower I’m getting ready for work and I see her clothes on the bed that she changed out of the morning before. Then I notice her sandals that she left laying around as she normally does. It was at that moment that I took a second to listen to the sound of silence. I should be getting out of the shower to the sound of the news on the TV, my wife putting on her makeup and my daughter squirming around in her bed trying to sleep in. Instead there was silence because my wife was able to sleep in since she didn’t have to take our daughter to daycare.

In that moment of silence I realized that the things that make me happy are the result of everything I worked towards. Just like everyone else, I made mistakes when I was younger. All kinds of mistakes whose consequence ranged from emotional to financial. It’s those mistakes that taught me the hard lessons. I also had alot of achievements. Those wins provided motivation to keep raising the bar and to keep reaching for more.

family-1Every decision, every direction you take today affects the future you. All of those mistakes knocked me to the ground but the hard lessons learned allowed me to make better decisions from that point forward. I now have a family, a wife, 2 girls, 2 boys and a furry four legged kid that barks. I continue to try and make better decisions than I did yesterday or yesteryear and that has led me to the things that make me truly happy. Only a fool would be willing to throw all of that away for a chance to be a kid again. I was a kid with no worries. I remember it like it was yesterday. Those memories I will cherise for the rest of my life. I don’t need to do that all over again because I have already experienced it. Same goes for being a teenager and a 20 something year old. I’m now close to completing being a 30 something year old and life is only getting better.

As for going back in time to see loved ones that have passed away, well I thought of that too. As much as I would love to see my Dad again and spend endless hours just talking, I have to have faith and accept what God has decided. My memories and conversations with my Dad are intact and I will hang on to them until we meet again.

One moment of silence and a change in what is a normal morning has given me the clarity of “It’s a wonderful life”.

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