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toy-drive-2015-trunk-v1Toy Drive 2015 was a success thanks to the generosity of people coming together for a common cause, the children of our community! We gathered a variety of toys ranging from dolls, scooters, art sets, remote control cars, play-doh to several Star Wars toys that arrived at a perfect time with the new Star Wars movie that just released! The inspiration behind this toy drive was to simply bring some smiles to the children during this Christmas season. This is the first of many more campaigns!

There were several people and organizations involved with pushing the success of this Toy Drive and we would like to acknowledge those that lent a helping hand.

Thank you to the EYAC and PAL organization’s for hosting our toy drive at this years 2015 PAL All Star game. Thank you to everyone who spread the word about the toy collection effort for this event. Lori Garcia from Evergreen, Carla Broadway from Union City, Lisa Ramos from EYAC, thank you for taking on the task of collecting the toy donations as they were arriving at the entrance. Thank you to Sergio Ramos from EYAC for petitioning the idea of hosting our toy drive at the All Star game. It was a cold and rainy day but that didn’t discourage those that donated from showing up with toys in one hand and an umbrella in the other.

Thank you to my cohorts from Return Of The Boom Zap for hosting our toy drive during our monthly event at Aura Night Club. Thank you to Pross and the staff at Aura Night Club for super charging our efforts by providing comped drinks for every toy donation received that night. Thank you to AJ Orbit for hosting a 2nd Toy Drive at his event at Hue Lounge And Nightclub in San Francisco.

Thank you to my cohorts from Specialist Music Group for spreading the word and drawing awareness to our toy drive effort.

Thank you to the staff at Brand Vessel for contributing to our toy drive. It was an instant “yes” decision when the question was asked if they would like to help in our effort to collect toys for this Christmas season.

TOYDRIVEV3_SLIDERThank you to James Mak of Joysco Studio for providing the graphics to promote Toy Drive 2015. Imagery is a key component when it comes to promoting and James provided graphics for our social media outlets as well as our various websites.

Thank you to Sacred Heart Community Service for welcoming our donation effort and for personally meeting with us to thank us for our contribution. Thank you to Silvina Reyes for working with us and keeping us up to date during our toy drive campaign.

It takes time, effort and alot of planning to bring a vision to fruition and to see it through to completion. With my wife’s help we were able to see this idea come to life and manifest into something tangible. Thank you (Nikki) for helping drive attention to our collection efforts and for providing support as well as adding ideas through the entire process.

This is only the beginning and the first of many campaigns. We hope you will follow us on our journey to help the community with our upcoming efforts.

Operation #DonateForSmiles


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