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Asnap Selfie Light Review

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Today we take a look at ASNAP, a selfie light that is sure to up your selfie game.

The selfie light is boxed and protected well enough to prevent any damage to the unit during transportation. The light is encased with two pieces of form fitted foam and the charging cable + instructions are tucked nicely in the package.

The light turns on as expected by simply pressing down on the power button located on the top side of the unit. It features 5 different light modes that correspond to 5 different color temperatures, 4400k, 6500k, 4600k, 3450k, and 4650k. Depending on what look you are going for, the 5 modes should provide plenty of options for various results.

In each of the light modes that I tested, the unit dispersed the light evenly. It provides enough light to produce great quality photo’s but not too much that the images become washed out. The wash-out effect is a common issue when taking photos in close range.

The description of the product notes that the unit will not cause red eye. In my experimental use of the product, I did not experience the red eye effect with each of the 5 lighting modes.

The clip is designed to provide a strong grip to your phone that intentional shaking of the phone won’t cause the light to fly off. It is safe to say that this unit won’t fall off of your phone with normal handling. The clip design also allows for the light to be fixed in various orientations which will allow you to maximize lighting, resulting in higher quality images. The clip design will also allow this product to be used on other devices such as tablets and laptops.

I believe this light enhances and delivers higher quality images compared to the standard phone images. It is a nice addition for the selfie enthusiast. I would recommend this device to anyone that is looking to enhance their selfie game.



Excellent grip design

Provides an even light distribution


Battery life of 2 hours may not be enough for most users

Charge time is almost equal to the amount of time it can operate

No carrying case provided

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ASNAP Ring Selfie Light has 5 Modes of Lighting effects
(Sunlight,Beauty Light, Rembrandt Light,Food Light,Party Light)

Name :ASNAP Fill-in Light for Smartphones
Materiel: PC+ABS/PC
Input Power:DC 5V-3W
Color Temperature :3500k-6500k
Battery capacity: 750mAh
Number of Pictures: 3000 times
Size: 81mm x31mm
Net Weight: 68g

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