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Chipolo Plus Bluetooth Tracker Review

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Today we take a look at Chipolo’s latest release of their Bluetooth tracking device, the Chipolo Plus.

The main function of this device is to help you locate an item that is attached to the tracking device using the mobile app. If you are within Bluetooth range (200ft), you can simply use the app to make the device ring. You could also ring your phone by clicking on the tracking device in the event that you misplace your phone. In addition, the tracking device could be used as a remote control for your phones camera. If your phone is out of arms reach, you could use the Chipolo device to take the picture for you with a simple click of the device. The device also features crowd GPS. If you lose an item and you are unable to connect to your device via Bluetooth, you can active the crowd GPS feature on the mobile app. The moment someone who is also running the Chipolo app passes by your lost item within Bluetooth range, their app will automatically send the GPS location of your lost item to your phone.

The main difference between the 1st gen Chipolo, the Chipolo Classic, and the latest version, the Chipolo Plus, is that the battery is no longer removable. What this allowed for is to manufacture the Chipolo Plus to be water resistant. The battery life on the Plus version is expected to last up to 12 months versus the Classic version which has a life expectancy of 6 months. The audible ring on the Plus version is much louder as compared to the Classic version. The Plus version is slightly larger but not so much that you would notice a difference between the Classic and the Plus version.

In our review of the Chipolo Plus, we found the pairing process to be quick and easy. The two-way ringing function worked as expected. The GPS location feature gave us an accurate pin point location. The specs show that the tracker has a Bluetooth operating range of 200 feet. We were able to test the operating range at 150 feet due to area constraints. Given that the device maintained an active connection at 150 feet and it rang instantly as I pressed the ring button on the app, leads me to believe that it should have no issue operating at 200 feet.

Overall I believe this device delivers what it promises. It’s bluetooth connectivity and reliability work really well. In our round of testing, we didn’t run into any connectivity issues.


  • It comes in a variety of 7 colors
  • The exchange program offers a discount of up to 50%
  • It has a 200 foot Bluetooth operating range
  • It has a fairly loud ring tone (100dB)
  • It’s water resistant
  • You can share one Chipolo with multiple mobile devices
  • You can pair up to 9 Chipolo’s to your phone


  • The battery is not removable / replaceable
  • The app does not have a battery meter that shows you the level of the device’s battery


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