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Coast To Coast Radio Project

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Yesterday (July 11th, 2016) I launched a new online radio station, Coast To Coast Radio.

The motivation behind this project was to provide a station that you could tune into and leave on for the rest of the day. The decades that are on normal rotation is music from the 80’s and early 90’s. Although it’s not limited to only that bank of time, we primarily assemble our playlist from those decades.

I feel that music is in a weird state right now when it comes to radio. Genre’s have sub divided so many times that it seems that radio stations are having a hard time finding a common ground. People’s taste in music seem to change much quicker now as compared to 20 or 30 years ago.

I recall listening to the radio in the 80’s and I remember when all of those hits from Michael Jackson, Kool & The Gang, Rick James, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Prince ect (the list goes on and on) would play on the radio and all you could do is hope they would play again soon. You were basically glued to the radio. It was a great feeling to hear something that you knew was going to be on rotation for the rest of your life. That nostalgia is what motivated me to launch Coast To Coast Radio.

There’s some good radio station’s in the bay area but I find myself constantly jumping from station to station. Recently, a new 80’s station emerged but it doesn’t play the 80’s music that I was jamming to at that time. It plays more of the rock and light rock from the 80’s. Although I love alot of that section of music, I still felt there was something missing. So rather than hoping that a station would pop up that plays what I feel is missing, I decided to task myself with launching one that I could program to fill that void.

Along with the challenge of pulling a mix of music that represents Coast To Coast Radio, I also developed the website for the station. The idea was to have something that was simple and that had the majority of the functionality on the homepage. In addition, the site had to be something that would translate well on mobile devices. Finding a cross platform music player and chat room was the biggest task. What I ended up with is a radio player that displays the current on air song as well as history of the last few tracks that played. The player also has bio information on the song, artist and album. The chat room features a login function that works directly on the homepage so you can remain on the same page will logging in to your chat account. These features were key in making the homepage a one stop shop.

Coast-To-Coast-Radio-v2 PNGThe logo was designed by James Mak of Joysco Studio. James is a true industry professional who’s work speaks for itself. He works with several industry heavy weights and I knew he would nail a design that represents Coast to Coast Radio to the T. Thank you James for always helping me with my crazy ideas!

Were constantly adding to the mix of music that plays on Coast To Coast Radio so tune in and enjoy!



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