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Hold on, but don’t hold still

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Kristina Kuzmic took to Facebook to tell a story that is nothing short of inspiring. If you need a little motivation to get you through the rest of the week I encourage you to read this post.

Hold on, but don’t hold still. Keep moving forward. Baby steps toward a new chapter of your story and a non-fake smile. You’ll get there.

Repost from Kristina Kuzmic’s Facebook post:

Back when I was pitiful and struggling in every way possible, I was waiting tables (one of my two, occasionally three, part-time jobs at the time) at a restaurant in Pasadena. I didn’t want to bring my pitifulness to work, so I would show up to each shift with a fake smile on my face (which is EXHAUSTING; faking is so ridiculously exhausting!). I’d never whine or share my stories of misery or cry or scream at work, though all of those seemed less exhausting than faking was. But I wanted to be professional at my job so I held it all in. Then at the end of my shift, around midnight, I’d order myself the restaurant’s signature flat bread. 50% off for employees. Cheap dinner for me. I’d get in my car, put that flat bread on my lap, and then sob while stuffing my face with the yummy crust covered in caramelized pears and walnuts and cambazola cheese. All the emotions I held in for hours finally came pouring out during my drive home. The flat bread became my grieving buddy, my comfort food. And by the time I pulled up to my little apartment, there were only a few bites left, always soaked in my tears. (Not trying to sound poetic here. They were literally soaked in my tears.)

A few days ago I met a friend for dinner at that same restaurant and the first thing I ordered was my grieving buddy. I hadn’t had it in years. And I didn’t cry this time. And I didn’t feel alone this time. And I didn’t feel hopeless. Because life is no longer pitiful.

If you’re sobbing alone in your car, it’s not permanent. I know it feels like it is in the moment. I know it hurts and sucks, and I know you feel stuck. But you’re not. Hold on, but don’t hold still. Keep moving forward. Baby steps toward a new chapter of your story and a non-fake smile. You’ll get there.


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