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i-Sleep Review

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I was asked to review a new product who’s purpose is to help you fall asleep. The device name is i-Sleep.

i-sleep2It uses bio-electricity that balances brainwaves to increase the activity of Alpha waves and reduce the activity of Delta waves. This helps with balancing brain wave activity which in theory should help with falling asleep.



i-sleep1I was skeptical at first because of the method that this device uses to perform its function. It was surprising how the electrical impulses were very noticeable as you turn up the intensity. It feels like you are losing your balance as you increase the intensity. Once I found a comfortable setting, I let it run its course.

The first night I didn’t notice a difference. It seemed as though I fell asleep as I normally do. However, the second night was a different story. I put the device on and thoughts were running through my head as usual then next thing I knew I was waking up at 3am wondering what time I fell asleep. It felt like I was awake less than 10 minutes before I fell asleep which is much faster than it normally takes. I tried again and the same result, I fell asleep within 10 minutes. On a normal basis it takes me 20 to 30 minutes to fall asleep and on restless nights it takes me over an hour.


I believe the product does help with falling asleep as I was able to fall asleep in less than 10 minutes. The packaging was well put together and the device itself is very lightweight.

I like the fact that the device runs on a timer. Its a piece of mind knowing that it won’t run all night.


The cons I found with this product are aimed towards the wire leads that need to be attached to your ear lobs. Essentially you are given two clips that go on each ear lob which makes it awkward to lay down as you feel compelled to lay on your back. You are given circular fabric cushions that are used to make the clips feel comfortable while helping conduct the electrical impulses. They do feel a little uncomfortable but not so much that it’s unbearable.



I would like to see clinical studies done that show exactly what this device is doing to you. I would like to understand what exactly happens when you send electrical impulses through your brain and if there are any side effects from it.

I think this product can be improved If the clips could be changed to something that is much more comfortable and ideal for sleeping. Maybe if it could be designed to use only one wire lead instead of two. Possibly finding another cushioning material that could provide less pressure on the ear lobs.


Overall it seems to do what the device claims. The price point is a bit high at $169. If the manufacture could provide scientific proof on what this device is actually doing and how that relates to helping you fall asleep then I think that could help sell the product. I think people that have serious sleeping issues would be more than willing to dish out the money if it could be proven that it does what it says.

I don’t believe this device is available for purchase in the US as of yet but you can inquire at this link to find out more information about purchasing this device. Click Here


The manufacture sent me a link where you could buy this unit. They also offer bulk pricing if you are interested in distributing this product. Follow this link http://www.dhgate.com/store/20363807

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