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Meet Vector the Home Robot

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Vector, the home robot is a cool little robot that has many features. It’s a step closer to having your very own Rosie from The Jetsons.

This little guy can’t do much on helping you with physical task’s but it is very capable of

  • Answering questions similar to Amazon’s Alexa
  • Telling you current weather conditions
  • Setting timers while going bonkers when the timer is up
  • Taking a photo of you simply by asking it to do so
  • It will even fist bump you!

Amazon’s Alexa technology will be integrated in an update coming in December of 2018 that will unlock a plethora of potential with answering questions. It is designed to be aware of it’s surroundings using sensors that include edge detection to prevent it from going over table tops and detection of items so it won’t run into things as it navigates around. It also has face recognition so that it can recognize you and address you by name. It can dock itself in it’s charger when it needs a charge.

This robot is like having an Amazon Echo (once the update is released) on wheels. It looks very cool and it reminds me alot of the robot from the movie Wall-E.

Interested in buying one? Check out the Amazon link below.

Learn more about Vector below!

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