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MLB Umpire helps save a woman from attempting suicide on Pittsburgh bridge

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Repost from Frank Sommerville’s Facebook post

“No one wants to help me.
Just let me go.”

That’s what a woman who was prepared to jump off a bridge in Pittsburgh said to Major League Umpire John Trumpane.

He just happened to be on the bridge when he saw her.
And he ended up saving her life.

Here’s how he remembers the conversation when he approached her and asked her what she was doing:

“I just wanted to get a better look of the city from this side.”

“Oh no.
You don’t want to do that.
It’s just as good over here.
Let’s go grab some lunch and talk.”

“No, no, no.
I’m better off on this side.
Just let me go.”

“I’m not going to let you go.
Let’s talk this out.”

“No one wants to help me.
Just let me go.”

“No, we’re here to help you.”

“You’ll forget me tomorrow.”

“I’ll never forget you.
You can have my promise on that.”

Trumpane grabbed her and was holding on tight.
She started crying.
Both her feet were dangling off the bridge.

“I just want to end it right now.
I want to be in a better place.”

“You’re going to be all right.”

With the help of others the woman was lifted over the railing.
Paramedics then arrived.

Trumpane kneeled down next to her and prayed with her and said:

“All these people are here.
Look at all these people who want to help you.
We want to get you better. ”

Steph Chambers from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette took these pictures.
He’s the only one who got them.
And the Post-Gazette gave me permission to show them.

Chambers later spoke about how he got the pictures.
He said he happened to be in the area when someone walked by and casually said:

“If you want a photo, there is someone jumping off a bridge.”

Chambers says:

I approached the group that hovered over a woman, who was wailing as she lay on the ground.
I began shooting between the crowd’s legs.

First, I focused on her face, and then a hand as it gently touched her.

Her weeping was drowned out by Tumpane’s prayers as he tightly clenched her arm.
That’s when I shot the picture.

He looked her straight in her eyes, as tears and sweat mixed on her brow.

Ambulance personnel strapped her arms against her chest, like a straightjacket, on an orange gurney.

Still, he knelt by her and held her.

“You’re going to a safe place,” a worker said as he lifted the gurney into the ambulance.

–Steph Chambers
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

If you’d like to read more about this story you can go to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Facebook page:

I really admire what John Trumpane did.
He could have just called 911.
But he got involved instead.
And a woman is alive tonight as a result.
That is outstanding!


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