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Mobile Mechanic Oil Change Service That’s Reasonably Priced

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I tried a mobile oil change service for the first time and it turned out to be a positive experience. In fact, I’m pretty sure I will use them again when I need another oil change. 😁

Most of us have seen mobile services promoted on social media such as windshield repair/replacement, car wash/detailing, and car maintenance. All of these type of services are aimed to solve the issue that most of us have with keeping up with car maintenance, and that’s the fact that it’s an inconvenience to do it yourself and time consuming to drive to a shop to have a service person do it for you.

I’ve seen on numerous occasions promotional post on social media for yourmechanic.com. I finally decided to get a quote for an oil change after 3 years of seeing these promo post. I was surprised to see that pricing was competitive. The quote was about $20 cheaper as compared to the shop I normally take my car to which I will not name since they have always done a great job on my oil change needs. I suspect that the cheaper price comes from the fact that the company has very little to no overhead since it’s a mobile service. The oil that was quoted was name brand which was another plus. I decided to book the order.

The yourmechanic.com website was easy to use from creating a quote, picking the best date and time for the service, to finalizing the order. Once the order was booked the site shows you a picture of the mechanic that will be dispatched to handle the service, his name, and bio.

Mechanic real time tracking

The mechanic called me to let me know he will be on his way. As soon as I hung up the phone, I received an email to let me know that the mechanic is on the way and a link to a map that shows the mechanic’s location in real time. I put that to the test by pulling up the map on my phone from which I walked outside once the map showed that he was driving into the parking lot. I was surprised on how accurate the tracking was. As soon as the map showed he was in the parking lot I was able to spot the mechanic in the lot.

50 point inspection report sample

The service was complete within an hour. The mechanic performed a 50 point inspection and then emailed the results to me. Anything that the mechanic finds that needs servicing will be detailed in the report from which you have the option to create a quote and schedule the repair if you decide to finalize the quote. I found this helpful as you could use this report to remind you of things that you need to address soon. Best of all, you don’t have to remember since you could always pull up the email to review the findings or log in to your account online to see the report as well.

Overall I was happy with the service. The price was competitive, the mobile aspect of the service is very convenient. I scheduled my service to take place in the parking lot where I work. Super convenient. The mobile mechanic service also offers a multitude of other services which you can view by following this link. I can only speak for the competitiveness of the oil change, I’m not sure how well the other services are handled but from this experience I would suspect that it should follow suit. The only problem I had with this service is that I booked my appointment for 2:45 pm which the site states to allow up to an hour for the mechanic to show up. The mechanic showed up at 4:53 pm which was outside of the one hour window. I didn’t mind the late arrival since I was at work anyway but it’s something to consider if you have no leeway on time.

If you decide to give them a try use this referral link so that you and I can get a $10 discount. Here’s a tip, google coupons/promo codes for yourmechanic.com. You might find discounts that could knock off a few buck$ !

Yourmechanic.com currently has a 4.08 out of 5 stars on their Better Business Bureau profile page.

Full disclosure: This article is my own personal experience and opinion. I am not being paid to provide this review.

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