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Mynt Bluetooth Tracker Review

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Today we review Mynt, a Bluetooth tracking device by Slightech.

The main function of this tracking device is to help you find any item you attach it to using the mobile app via Bluetooth or it’s crowd GPS feature. During our review, we discover that it packs a few features that set it apart from its competitors.

The pairing process was straight forward and fairly quick. It only took a few minutes to be up and running with the device. The app features a battery level meter which is critical to ensure that your tracking device has sufficient battery in the event that you lose the item you attach it to. The device has a separation feature that will alert you when the tracking device and the phone it is paired to are moving apart from each other. The app will send a push notification and the tracking device will ring in the event that it detects that both are moving away from each other. In the event that you lose your an item, you can ring your tracker if it’s within Bluetooth range and if you are outside of Bluetooth range, you can enable the crowd GPS feature by marking your item as lost on the mobile app. The moment someone passes by your lost item who is also running the Mynt app, you will instantly receive a notification with your lost item’s GPS location.

The features above are standard on Bluetooth tracking devices. This device, however, has three additional features that I think set it apart from its competitors.

The device can be used as a remote shutter for your phone camera. You can position your camera then move away from it and use the tracking device to take the picture for you.

The device can be used as a remote control for your music app on your phone. It allows you to use your tracker to control play, pause, next/previous track, and the volume on your music app.

Lastly, the device can also be used as a slide controller for apps such as Powerpoint and Keynote.

The specs show that the Bluetooth operating range is 150 feet. With our setup (iPhone 6s Plus) we were able to get a reliable operating range of 100 feet.

Overall, the device performs really well. The extra features are a bonus and they could be very useful in some cases. In our test, the Bluetooth operating range was shorter than what the specs call out. I wouldn’t call that a deal breaker as Bluetooth range can be affected by interference from several sources as well as the mobile device’s Bluetooth signal strength. 100 feet is a good operating range and the distance will vary depending on each use case scenario.


  • Quick pairing process
  • Multi-function features allow control for your shutter, music app and slide presentation app
  • Battery level meter
  • Replaceable batter
  • Two-way separation feature
  • Very sleek and elegant design


  • It’s a little bigger than it’s competitors
  • Operating range was 100 feet versus what the spec shows at 150 feet


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