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MYNT ES Review

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Today we take a look at Mynt’s latest tracking device, the MYNT ES.

MYNT ES - A Compass for Finding Important Things. Phone locator, Key Finder and Wallet Tracker. Find Your Items in Seconds. (1-PACK, 1-WHITE)
  • The world's best item finder. Keep track of important things with ease. Simple to use, smooth app interface, loud, and durable.

  • Find things near and far. Save time at the touch of a button. Say no to spending time searching for things hidden in the obvious places.

  • Flexible and loud. Attach to a keychain, a laptop, or a car. Find the GPS location instantly in the MYNT app. Keep your peace of mind without the hassle of searching in a large parking lot or pockets in each clothing.

  • Long battery life and easy-to-replace battery. The battery can be changed with ease. Each battery can work up to one year.

  • Simple, sleek, and intuitive. A compass pointing to each significant things.

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