Pack a Back 2017

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We partnered with Sacred Heart Community Service to help raise funds for the 2017 Pack a Back campaign. The goal is to supply 3,300 kids with new back packs and school supplies in grades K-12.
Let’s come together and help Sacred Heart fill those back packs and put a smile on 3,300 children!  ?

Help us reach our goal of $ 500
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Any size donation helps! Use this link to donate towards this campaign.
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Why is this backpack drive important to us?

I grew up on the East Side of San Jose, specifically off of McLaughlin. Our neighborhood had a large population of low income families. Most of which found it hard to afford necessary things like school supplies and clothes. During my time as a student, I was fortunate enough to not have to worry about these things as my parents at that time were able to provide these things for me. However, many of my friends and some of my best friends were not as fortunate. I seen first hand how some of my peers were teased for the shoes they were wearing, their clothes and even as far as not having a fresh hair cut on the first day of school. I hated every minute of having to be witness to this bullying. I never seen anyone as different based on their appearance. I was friends with EVERYONE. In fact, one of my best friends were one of those that would get teased because his family couldn’t afford new shoes or new clothes. It was disheartening.

Fast forward to present day today. The area still has a large population of low income families. The financial struggle becomes much more difficult as San Jose becomes less affordable with housing and the cost of living going through the roof. I am no longer that kid in the classroom that would become friends with everyone but I still feel the same about any child being teased because their family can’t afford new shoes, clothes or even simple school supplies, IT’S NOT OK.

Since I can’t be that kid in the classroom, there is something we can do together. We can help Sacred Heart Community Service with their effort of raising funds to supply 3,300 underprivileged children with new backpacks, school supplies and shoes. Your donation doesn’t have to be huge, every small amount counts! Please help us raise funds to put a smile on each and every one of the 3,300 kids that will be waiting for new supplies in a couple of weeks.

Thank you for reading and THANK YOU if you donated 

Here’s how your donation can help.

$35 Crayons for a classroom
$150 New backpack and school supplies for 2 kids
$300 Gift Card for new shoes for 15 kids
$1000 USB drive and scientific calculators for 15 middle and high school kids

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