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This AR app will make your life easier if your the family tech guru!

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Everyone knows someone they can call for help with a device. Sometimes, that person is you.

If that happens to be you then Vuforia’s Chalk app for iOS should make your life alot easier. This app allows you to share live video that you can draw on to illustrate instructions in real time. The app uses Apples AR kit technology to lock the drawing(s) on to the object(s) it was drawn over. This is a great and easy way to help someone over your smart phone with real time video. It’s also a glimpse into the future as you can imagine that one day you may be able to attempt your own repairs. If you get stuck you could simply dial up a professional that could guide you through the repair for much less than if you paid them to do the repair.

Not only is this another use case scenario for AR, it’s another reason why the new A11 Bionic chip in the iPhone 8, 8 plus and X are a compelling reason to upgrade your iPhone. Older models will be able to handle these intensive task but you will be pushing them hard and close to red lining depending on what model you have. The upgrade from a 7 or 7 plus to an 8 or 8 plus seems marginal until features like AR require more horsepower which the A11 Bionic chip will be able to crunch through the data more efficiently. Eventually, app developers will begin to push out updates that in some cases require more processing power from your phone. Eventually, that means your older phone may begin to struggle as updates begin to roll out.

Smart phones have now become much like our laptops and desktop computers in the sense that our smart phones are basically pocket computers. There’s alot going on under the hood that directly affects your experience with the apps that you use and how efficiently they run. Just like computers, some people are happy with hardware that’s a few generations behind while the latest hardware make others happy.

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