Toy Drive 2015

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Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree.
In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall.
~ Larry Wilde

This Christmas season the creatives from Specialist Music Group and Return Of The Boom Zap are looking to brighten up and put the biggest smiles possible on some small faces in our community. We are looking to collect as many toys as we can and we are asking everyone from our community to join in and donate a toy or two or three or as many as you can!

As parents the number one priority is to have a roof over your children’s head, keep the lights on and have food on the table. For some parents that’s about all they can afford and Christmas shopping is out of the question. The only thing children should ever have to worry about is doing well in school and playtime. A few new toys will absolutely guarantee endless adventures at the hands of a child. This Christmas season let us come together and put as many of these adventure gadgets in the hands of the children that should be nothing less than happy!

Toy Donation Ideas

  • Gift cards (iTunes, Amazon, Target)
  • Action figures*
  • Lego playsets*
  • Sports equipment
  • Teen shoes in sizes 6-9
  • Skateboards & scooters
  • Hair dryers & curling irons

*Please no toys that include weapons or promote violence

Proceeds will be donated to Sacred Heart Community Service located at 1381 South First St., San Jose, CA 95110.

Drop Off Locations:

(Thank you to those that donated at Return Of The Boom Zap!!) 12/12/15 Saturday, Starts at 10PM: Upcoming drop off location will be at our next Return Of The Boom Zap event on Saturday 12/12/15 at Aura Nightclub, 389 S First Street, San Jose. First 60 people with a toy donation will receive a comped drink ticket.

(Thank you to all the parents that donated toys during this event!) 12/13/15 Sunday, Starts at 9AM: San Jose PAL Football All Star Game at Moreau Catholic High School located at 27170 Mission Blvd, Hayward CA 94544. A large gift basket valued at over $50 will be raffled during each game from which you will receive three raffle tickets for each toy donation. I will be providing music for this event so come out and watch the top players of the PAL organization go head to head!


Toy Drive 2015 has come to a close. Please click here to read our thank you post to all those involved who lent a helping hand.

Our deadline is tonight as we will be delivering the proceeds to Sacred Heart Community Service this Saturday December 19th 2015. If you would like to contribute, please get in touch with us at so we can arrange a pickup.

AJ (Resident DJ for ROTBZ) is also collecting toys tonight Friday December 18th at Hue Lounge & Night Club in San Francisco. If you are in the area or you are planning to attend the event please help us by contributing to our toy drive! Click here for event details.


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