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Vibes, Colors & Chaos

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Vibes, Colors & Chaos is a collaboration EP produced by Rah with Don Prahfit as the leading artist. By general category this is a hip hop infused EP. It’s also a soundtrack to a journey that started in the Bay Area, crossed over to New York then back to the Bay. Rah was in pursuit of music courses to learn the production game hands on by industry experts. Dubspot in New York was the place where he would travel to and sign up to complete music foundation, production, mixing and mastering courses. ‘Drop Practice’ was recorded when Don Prahfit took flight to New York to visit Rah. What better location than the birth place of hip hop to draw inspiration from, get on the mic and hit record! The remainder of the project was recorded in Oakland, California inside what we call the stu aka studio aka Rah’s dojo.

I took on the task of mixing down Vibes, Colors & Chaos. I used a range of tools from vintage plugins (LA-3A, SSL Compressor and API 560 EQ) to work horse plugins (Waves Renaissance Compressor and REQ 6) as well as Ableton stock plugins (EQ8 and Compressor). The entire project was mixed and mastered within Ableton. The biggest challenge was to find a sound texture that would suit the project. This is actually one of the most inspiring part of the mixdown process. This is where you get to  manipulate each sound, mix them together and call it done when your able to close your eyes and feel the music. This project was properly called Vibes, Colors & Chaos as it was a journey filled with just that, Vibes, Colors & Chaos.

It was an honor to have been asked to take part in this project. Thank you to the hommie’s Rah and Don for letting me get down!

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