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Vmotal 4K Action Camera Review

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The Vmotal 4K Action Camera is a compact easy to use video camera that provides a wide array of options that will give you the ability to use this camera in many different scenarios.

The unboxing of this camera quickly grabs your attention to it’s compact sleek design and the multitude of mounting accessories that it comes with. The feel of this camera gives you the sense that it is built to last. The camera features an lcd display that allows for real time monitoring. It also has a 150 degree wide angle lens that will give you a nice wide shot for both video and photo mode. The wide angle lens also gives you the ability to shoot up close and still capture a wide shot that will reduce the compromise of taking those type of shots. The device is equipped with a microphone, a speaker for video playback, an HDMI port, micro usb port for data transfer, charging, and for use as a web camera (PC only). It also has a microsd slot that allows for memory cards up to 64GB. It has a 800mAh non-removable battery which should give up to 2 hours of operation.

Within the options of the camera you will find a ton of features for video recording. The camera gives you the choice of shooting video in 1080P at 30FPS, 1080P at 60FPS, 2.7K at 30FPS, 3.2k at 30FPS, and 4K at 30FPS. You have the option to shut off the microphone during video recording so that you can maximize your memory card storage in the event that you know you won’t be using audio from the captured video. It has three video recording modes, time-lapse, loop recording, and slow motion.

This camera gives you quite a bit of photo options. You can choose between 5, 8, 12, and 16 mega pixel resolution. It has a timed mode that gives you a choice between 3, 5, or 10 interval shots. It has an auto shot mode that gives you a choice of 3, 10, 15, 20, and 30 seconds delay before the camera takes a shot. Lastly, it has a drama shot mode that will shoot a burst of photo’s where you have the choice between 3, 5, and 10 photo’s per second.

The camera gives you options to adjust the exposure and white balance. You can rotate images and change the light source frequency between 50hz and 60hz. You can also shut off the LED indicator light. It has a screensaver mode with the option of auto shut down within 1, 3, and 5 minutes. Lastly you have have the option to add a time watermark to your video.

The camera is equipped with wifi that allows it to connect to a smartphone via a free downloadable app available for both IOS and Android. The mobile app is powerful as it gives you the ability to change the camera settings and remote control the shutter button for both video and photo’s. It also allows you to change the settings for the different type of capture modes detailed above. The app also allows you to transfer the captured media from your camera to your phone which gives you the ability to offload your memory card if you run out of space or to easily share on social media. The app also gives you real time monitoring of the camera which is really useful in scenarios where you want to place the camera out of arms reach. The remote app ability gives you a multitude of ways you could use this camera. In summary, the app allows you to change every setting aspect that I covered above in addition to giving you the ability to transfer your captured media from the camera to your smart phone.

Aside from the software options, this camera also comes with several mounting brackets. It comes with a helmet and bike mount, along with several miscellaneous brackets that will give you flexibility to put together a bracket that works for you. This camera also comes with a water proof case that allows you to dive down to 60 meters (197ft).

I only found two con’s that I believe to be a factor in buying this camera. The captured audio is muffled and not ideal for use case scenarios such as vloging. The camera does not have image stabilization which is not ideal for use case scenarios where there is a considerable amount of turbulence such as running with the camera.

The video and picture quality are descent enough to rely on this camera to capture your on the go moments. It is packed with software options that allows you to optimize the capture quality. It is also packed with accessories that give you many mounting options. The mobile app is a great remote extension for this camera that gives you the ability to use this camera out of arms reach. At the time of this review, this camera sells for $54.99 on Amazon which makes this camera a definite buy. This is the type of camera that you want to have in your bag when your on the go and are faced with situations where a smart phone camera is not flexible enough to capture that must have shot.

Purchase link: http://amzn.to/2sIKg81

Video Quality
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Overall this camera offers a plethora of feature options accompanied with mounting accessories and a functional and usable mobile app. Priced at just under $55 on Amazon, I think this camera is a definite buy.
79 %
Definite Buy
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