High-Visibility Clock

I was in search of a clock with a large numerical interface to easily track time while working in my studio, and this clock perfectly met my needs. The large digital display, coupled with the ever-present backlight, makes it incredibly easy to read from a distance. Furthermore, the clearly displayed date information is very useful. The addition of temperature and humidity readouts serves as a convenient quick reference. The clock can be powered either via USB or batteries (3 x AAA). I recommend inserting batteries even if you plan to use a USB power source, to prevent losing your settings in the event of a power outage.

However, there are a few things to bear in mind.

The temperature accuracy can deviate by as much as 5 degrees, and a similar discrepancy can occur with the humidity readout. Although a handy feature for a quick reference, I wouldn’t rely on it if you require precise measurements.

The unit comes with a DC barrel-to-USB-A cable. This might not pose a problem unless you lose the cable, as it’s not a standard type and could be challenging to replace.

The unit doesn’t retain settings when power is disconnected.

The backlight remains on when powered via USB, but if solely battery-operated, it only stays lit for a few seconds.

In conclusion, I would recommend this digital clock to those who need an easy-to-read display. It truly shines when powered via USB, as the backlight can then remain on consistently.

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